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Re: Theos-World Re: Anand: Serious Questions with Profound Implications

Sep 05, 2004 02:08 AM
by Erica Letzerich


About Geoffrey Hodson, I am with one of his books in front of me now and I have the following quote:



Teach the esoteric doctrine and the importance of personal yoga, and encourage as many people as you can reach, and on as a many occasion as possible. Let this be the theme through all your tasks, as you are doing by your lectures and your lives.

Geoffrey Hodson says:

- I am with Master Morya in his room with the balcony looking over the gorge in the valley over which peace reigns. I can hear the sound of the river and some cries and temple sounds - bell and gong.

There is no doubt that Geoffrey Hodon's clairvoyance potential were great. Below there is a quote from M. extracted from the Mahatmas Letters.

"I am sorry to find you comparing Theosophy to a painted house on the stage whereas in the hands of true philanthropists and theosophists it might become as strong as an impregnable fort. The situation is this: men who join the Society with the one selfish object of reaching power making occult science their only or even chief aim may as well not join it -- they are doomed to disappointment as much as those who commit the mistake of letting them believe that the Society is nothing else. It is just because they preach too much "the Brothers" and too little if at all Brotherhood that they fail." Mahatma Letters - 38 - M."

The Mahatmas in no way have the sweet approach that Hodson express in many of his writings. So how come? Suddenly the Master start speaking as if they were walking on clouds... I also doubt actually I don't believe Hodson was in contact with them.


Erica Letzerich .'.

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