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RE: Theos-World Re: Serious Questions with Profound Implications

Sep 04, 2004 06:07 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

Sept 4 2004

Dar Friends: 

Consider this one verse: 

"Look inward, Thou art Buddha."  


This is as close as it gets. It says, as I read it, in each of us is a
"spark, "or call it a "ray," of the ONE UNIVERSAL SPIRIT that is INSIDE EACH

No wonder that Universal Brotherhood is the key idea of THEOSOPHY . 

The important concept is that the Highest Principle in Man is ATMA -- and
That is a "Ray" of the universal ATMAN.   

WE ARE IN IT and IT is in us.

Consider, rom the merely physical point of view the evidence we now have, so
fortunately : -- what the Hubble telescope reveals of the infinitudes of
SPACE - a Great globe studded with endless stars, galaxies, all
interconnected -- all bathed in the scintillations of radiance that emanate
from all and touch each. We are penetrated and bathed in those rays and

Are we not then, a part of the "Universal Spiritual SUN ?" 

What higher aspect of Spiritual Wisdom and PRESENCE can we secure? 

Now what is the real problem?

Is it not our selfish and self-centered notions, emotions and desires? Is
it not tanha -- the thirst for physical life -- so strongly entrenched, so m
much a part of us? 

Yet philosophically, we know these all perish with the death of this present

What survives? The Immortal Spirit Self -- the Atma. 

THEOSOPHY asks: What is really important in this consideration?

Is Universal Brotherhood a fact?

Are we Spirit Beings engaged in a mission with the duty to assist all others
-- and they are our actual and continuing (in future incarnations together)
our constant brother pilgrims?  

Have we not confronted this problem in the past?  

What and how shall we treat our brother-Souls? 

Best wishes,


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That is precisely a point we all need to ponder over.

By sheer luck, even if I were to meet one of the Adepts tomorrow face to 
face, I doubt I would be any more wiser after the meeting!


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