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Re: Favor or Disfavor

Sep 03, 2004 11:52 PM
by Katinka Hesselink

So start a new discussion. 
--- In, "Erica Letzerich" <eletzerich@y...>
> Dear Perry,
> I am well acquainted about C.W.L's case.
> I am sure you are aware that more than 840,000,000 people suffer 
> from hunger. 24,000 people die every day, or over 8 million each 
> year. Three of four who die are younger than five. You are also 
> aware that the world is immersed into a deep crisis: economical (the 
> poor countries are getting poorest, the rich ones richest), wars, 
> injustices, crimes etc.
> The Theosophical Society was founded to try to bring some 
> inspiration, to help humanity to awake its spiritual intuition, to 
> spread and popularize the elevate ideals of theosophy. 
> And what it's seen in an online theosophical group? A concern about 
> the present world situation? 
> A concern to write and make cooperative contributions to popularize 
> theosophy? 
> A concern to develop a work based on the three objects of the T.S.? 
> Compassion towards humanity and intention to really collaborate for 
> the ideals the T.S. keeps alive in the world? 
> I would not say dear Perry shame on you for the Theosophical 
> Society, I would say shame on you for every fellow that is a member 
> of the T.S. and is more concerned in promoting intrigues and endless 
> discussions about which are the original teachings or not, or about 
> Leadbeater's case. 
> The world today is bleeding and the cry of human sorrow crossing 
> the planet. The members of the Theosophical Society were not 
> supposed to be deaf, they were suppose to be the very first to try 
> to act and work for the ideals of theosophy to have a stronger and 
> benefic impact in our decadent society.
> So dear Perry, what do you consider more relevant to discuss about? 
> Leadbeater's case? If so I am sorry to hear that, and I am no longer 
> loosing my time with such discussions.
> Regards,
> Erica Letzerich

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