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Re: Theos-World RE: Great Adepts and Trained Seers: Knowledge of Spiritual Fa...

Sep 03, 2004 09:26 PM
by samblo

It was the old case of my being "led by the nose" as always, I followed my 
instinct and energy I feel in what I delve into on the web. I had no idea 
whatever I would find mention of Theosophy and the article when I began reading 
on Ramalinga. I see also that there is a "successor" of a type in present time, 
and I did not post it due to having not fully read up on him. But, in a 
nutshell he is alleged to be a fourfold reincarnation, one of which is Ramalinga, I 
am turning it over in my mind with the image of Vishnu having four 
countenances, it presents an interesting ground and I am still wondering about it in 
several ways as I know you and others might also, proportional congress is unique 
to say the least.
Yes, you can rely that If I do find other similar contents I will post for 
you and all.


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