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Re: Theos-World No reply to Bill Meredith's Excellent Post

Sep 02, 2004 06:32 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

Try the following:

(It's the complete archives, going back to before the list moved to Egroups, which became Yahoo Groups.)

At 05:43 PM 9/2/2004, you wrote:

Yahoo is a pain in the "void.' They did not load the page because my security
settings blocked "Cookies." So I reset my Security and when my Firewall
popped the Cookie request I changed it from "block" to "accept," they then passed
three Cookies to my PC and then they did not load the page and said I was still
not accepting "Cookies" after I permitted three of them. I decided it was
much too much and closed the window. Then I had to go back and reset my Browser
setting back to my normal settings. If I ever have content I want others to
read it will not be on Yahoo, I would not make other go through all that
unnecessary developed traffic.


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