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RE: Great Adepts and Trained Seers: Knowledge of Spiritual Facts

Sep 02, 2004 04:20 PM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

Sept 2 2004

A Prophecy verified

Dear Friend :

I have original copies of the first volumes of The THEOSOPHIST.

In The THEOSOPHIST, for July 1882, pp. 243-4, is printed an account of
statements made by Sri Ramalinga Pillay by several well-known and
responsible citizens.

It is in the form of an affidavit.

The affidavit is signed by Tholuvore Velayudam Mudeliar F.T.S., [Second
Tamil Pundit of the Presidency College, Madras] and 3 witnesses, including
Judge G. Mutthuswame Chetty.

It is addressed to the author of HINTS ON ESOTERIC THEOSOPHY [ Mr. A.O.
HUME, Esq., etc., etc. ]

It concerns a conversation with his Guru: Sri RAMALINGA PILLAY. 

The author states:

"...I was a Chela of the late "Arulprakasa Vallalare," otherwise known as
Chithumbaram Ramalinga Pillay Avergal, the celebrated Yogi of Southern

Having come to know that the English community, as well as some Hindus,
entertained doubts as to the existence of the Mahatmas (adepts) and, as to
the fact of the Theosophical Society having been formed under their special
orders....I wish to make public certain facts in connection with my late
revered Guru.... "

The article gives an account of his Guru's life and teachings. Some of
these are :

"(1)	Though the Hindu people listened not to him, nor gave ear to his
counsels, yet the esoteric meaning of the Vedas and other sacred books of
the East would be revealed by the custodians of the secret -- the Mahatmas
-- to foreigners, who would receive them with joy. ...

(4)	that the distinction between races and castes would eventually
cease, and the principle of Universal Brotherhood be eventually accepted,
and a Universal Brotherhood be established in India;

(5)	that what men call "God" is, in fact, the principle of Universal
Love -- which produces and sustains perfect Harmony and Equilibrium
throughout all nature;

(6)	that men, once they have ascertained the divine power latent in
them, would acquire such wonderful powers as to be able to change the
ordinary operations of the law of gravity, & etc...

In the year 1867, he founded a society named ... "Sumarasa Veda Sanmarga
Sangham" ... based on the principle of Universal Brotherhood, and for the
propagation of the true Vedic doctrine. 

[In 1873, in preparation for his "samadhi" he remained silent, but resumed
speaking in January 1874, and then reiterated his prophecies -- see below.]

" his great disappointment he found...but few who could appreciate his
lofty ethics...he often expressed his bitter sorrow for this sad state of
things, and repeatedly exclaimed --

"You are not fit to become members of this Society of Universal

The real members of that Brotherhood are living far away towards the North
of India. ...

Yet the time is not far when persons from Russia, America (these two
countries were always named), and other foreign lands, will come to India
and preach to you this same doctrine of Universal Brotherhood,

Then only, will you know and appreciate the grand truths that I am now
vainly trying to make you accept.

You will soon find that the Brothers who live in the far North will work a
great many wonders in India and thus confer incalculable benefits upon this
our country."

[The author continues:  

" ...the Mahatmas in the North exist...the advent of Madame Blavatsky and
Colonel Olcott from Russia and America was foretold several years before
they came to India, is an incontrovertible proof that my Guru was in
communication with those Mahatmas under whose directions the Theosophical
Society was subsequently founded." 


I have tried to copy the relevant passages accurately and verbatim.

Dallas TenBroeck

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I wonder if you or Dallas might have in your archive an article in the 
Theosophist-July 1882 in which Madame Blavatsky makes reference to a Tamil
Saint Ramalingam. 

I am reading a work that makes mention of Madame Blavatsky and 
Theosophy correlating with Ramalingam. I would really appreciate it if you
have this article that you might post it.




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