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Anglican diocesan records on Leadbeater's birthdate

Sep 02, 2004 09:20 AM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

According to Gregory Tillett, the Anglican
diocesan records show that "the Charles Webster
Leadbeater who was ordained as an Anglican
priest by the Bishop of Winchester on St
Thomas¹ Day, 1879,(and who was the nephew of
William Wolfe Capes) gave as his birth date
the one shown on the birth certificate
available from the General Register Office
in London: February 16, 1854."


Gregory could you give readers here more
details on what these records consist of?

Is there some kind of handwritten document
by CWL in these records showing his birthdate?

Also would it be possible for you to scan
a copy of the relevant document so it could
be posted on the WWW?

I'm sure Pedro will ignore all of this but
possibly other readers will want to know the
details and the historical facts.


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