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Re: Theos-World Re: Working with controversy

Sep 02, 2004 04:22 AM
by MKR

This is precisely the most important fact in the current world where 
Internet is becoming a most pervasive communication medium and its usage is 
still in its infancy. It is going to take independent individuals to take 
the initiative to see how the technology can be used effectively; We cannot 
bank on organizations and their leaderships to do it due to various 
structural issues involved. To show how far behind the "older" generation 
of leadership in the use of the technology is, I had personal experience 
with a well known individual, who while all the time he talked about new 
technology, he always chose not to use e-mail for responses to me and 
instead always used nice letterheads and letters printed on laser printers 
and personally signed and mailed using snailmail even though it was much 
cheaper and efficient to sent a quick e-mail. Of course he was not spending 
his own money; he was spending the organization's funds even though the 
amount involved is miniscule.

At 06:34 AM 09/02/04 +0000, Anton Rozman wrote:
>Therefore for the changes in the organizations there is often an
>extreme endeavor and some outside impulse needed. Accusations of
>inadequate attitude can represent such an impulse but I believe that
>an attempt to organize some work that the organizations should
>undertake but are not willing or capable to execute would be far
>more efficient impulse. And I see in internet the technology that
>allows that such work can be undertaken.
>Kind regards,


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