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GNU FDL Free Doc License

Sep 01, 2004 01:21 PM
by Eldon B Tucker


As an aside to the comments on cognitive dissonance, I note on the bottom of that web page an icon that states "GNU FDL Free Doc License". I clicked on it and found some good ideas at

on something to use when any of us write and put on the Internet, where we want our materials freely distributed, but not altered or passed on without us getting proper credit.

The idea of the FDL seems good for putting online personal articles, publications, and even theosophical materials that have been scanned. The license, as it currently reads, requires the copyright holder stating his or her work can be distributed under the terms of the license. For something already in the public domain, a person or group could attach a copyright preface stating the attached article is an accurate, complete, and unaltered verbatim rendering of the article or book.

-- Eldon

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