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Re: Pedro again on "ORIGINAL TEACHINGS"

Sep 01, 2004 05:06 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

Sept 1 2004

Dear M and Friends:

As far as I can see:

No reading or study is forbidden in THEOSOPHY -- but if in the experience of
a student something ought to receive a caution, then it is given on that
basis -- as a friendly warning. No prohibitions are needed. Karma takes
care of all decisions anyone makes. 

As to teachers. At present there are only student/teachers. We all study,
and as inquiries arise, they pass along the information they have obtained
by study from the "original Teachings of THEOSOPHY," or other sources.

Everything has to be independently considered by the readers and
questioners. It is the basic principles that need to be known and applied.
(see below) 

I find that the knowledge of those "original Teachings" is slowly
increasing. That is a good sign for the continuity of THEOSOPHY 

There are no "leaders or teachers" who can give definitive answers to
problems. There are fellow students that can respond with leads for the
enquirer to use for his further study. 

But having studied the writings of the Teachers (HPB and the Masters) of
this time and era, some writers can provide references, quotations and basic
concepts which enable enquirers to work out their own solutions. 

The questions asked below, have to be answered by each student
independently -- their own common sense and sense of logic assist.

There is no "dead letter" or "literalism," and no "authorities" other than
ourselves, as we compare what we study with what we know. 

The "Original teachings of THEOSOPHY" have to be treated as "guides."

Best wishes,



Some basics:


1 SPACE is everywhere, and cannot be measured. It is the UNIVERSE.

2. LAW is everywhere. It is always honest, true, fair, universal
and impersonal. It has many aspects and all are framed so as to support life

3. The EVOLUTION of all creatures and beings (including Mankind)
starts from the same single Spiritual Basis. It makes them all "brothers" in
fact, though their forms and beliefs may differ. Each follows his or her own
self-made path. In the end there is a Goal: it has been called SUPREME

Even the material of all forms ( atoms, molecules, cells, etc. ) are
immortals and come from the same one SOURCE: SPIRIT.


HERMES taught: "A stone becomes a plant. A plant becomes an animal, An
animal becomes a Man ( a THINKER), and, a Thinker becomes a
GOD. Never is anything made less or lowered again." [The word "God" used
here means a Thinker who can understand everything in the Universe - a
Prophet or a Wise Man - is a "Son of 'God.'" Basically we ae all sons and
daughters of God -- the ONE UNIVERSAL SPIRIT -- ATMAN.

All progress is forward and upward and eventually we learn and know

1. REINCARNATION is the process by which all beings advance. The
forms constantly change. The Spirit that is within and behind the forms we
wear, and creates them, it NEVER DIES. We do NOT "die."

2. Sleep is death. Death is sleep. The CONSCIOUSNESS of each
individual always survives. The fear of "death" is abolished.

3. The Law Of Spiritual Development is through BROTHERHOOD. It is
mutual help and is always cooperative. It views Humanity and all beings as
a single family. Wisdom is the ability to understand law operating
everywhere in a moral and altruistic fashion

4. MAN'S (a Thinker) DUTY is to help all others.

Added all together, these are 7 of the principal points of Theosophical and
universal science, and in all true philosophies.

Think about them. Try to see if they are true. Ask all the questions you

If you wish to study Theosophical propositions in greater detail, I suggest
you start with a simple text book like

The KEY TO THEOSOPHY (by H P B) (an Introduction to Theosophical
doctrines and the ethics of Theosophy to be applied - 300 pages), or

Mr. Judge's The OCEAN OF THEOSOPHY, ( a summary of The SECRET
DOCTRINE -- which is a book that covers the history of Cosmic evolution and
that of our Earth and humanity - as a host of spiritual beings all working
and living together for millions of years - 180 pages).

These are available for downloading from and .

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From: Morten 
Sent: Tuesday, August 31, 2004 4:28 PM
Subject: Re: Pedro on "ORIGINAL TEACHINGS"

Hallo all,

My views are:

May I drop a few words...?

The following always comes to my mind, when someone almost says, that one
shouldn't read certain books.

The Key to theosophy, section 2:

"We cull the good we find in each". I.e. each teaching system or thought

A vital issue is the present day teachers within the various theosophical

The only thing I will say is: You shall know them on their fruits.

Do they support theosophical teaching or do they just say, that they do so?

Do they enhance the teaching or is it just old business as usual teaching?

Do they promote a main teaching which is misleading - theosophically

Is their teaching something you just as well could have read in a book

Do they teach each person in a group individually? If not what are the
concequences of this?


Let us remember, that the theosophical teachings always adapts themselves to
time, place, people and circumstances.

It is not the dead-letter of the teacher which are important, but the fruits
the teacher creates by the teaching.

The seekers suffers often from problems related to egotism. This the
teachers has to relate to.


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