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Re: Theos-World Bart on Blavatsky's supposed trickery: Where did the trickery end??

Apr 20, 2004 09:19 AM
by Ali Hassan

From: Bart Lidofsky <>
Subject: Re: Theos-World Bart on Blavatsky's supposed trickery: Where did the trickery end??
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 13:34:16 -0400

Pendragon wrote:
> KARMA----amenable to the eternal that know no exception or favoritism, and
> demand from us all, regardless of person, creed or arrogance, to "honor
> father and mother, that thou mayest long upon the face of the earth"? Do we
> not know the law of discipleship that postulates that he "who does not wipe
> off the filth from the body of a parent, shall not see the morrow fare well
> with him"? Are we so totally blind to the fact that to us, HPB stands in the
> position of the Master-----and thus, for the White Lodge collectively?

If we treat Blavatsky, or even the Mahatmas, as infallible and without
fault, we risk destroying everything they did.

	Since World War II, the concept of the "hero" has changed, especially
in the United States. It used to be that a hero was one who had flaws,
but was able to transcend those flaws to do great things. Somehow, this
has been transmuted to a hero being someone without flaws. This attitude
has the problem that, as soon as one finds flaws, then the person ceases
to be a hero, and all the great things that he or she did somehow become
negated by this. The result is that, in order for our heroes to remain
heroes, we blind ourselves to their faults, and attack anybody who
points them out.
That might be more revealing as to the fantasy nature of the American people- they actually think in comic-book concepts, something perhaps unbelievable to the rest of the world.

	Blavatsky was a great teacher, who introduced many important concepts.
But she was not perfect, and to treat her as such is to dishonor her
memory more than any revelation of her faults could ever possibly done.
Unless you think that the religion of Blavatsky worship is, somehow,
higher than the truth.

Excellent points. However, your own insistence that she was a con(jurer) artist sort of negates that point, no? ( Unless you're just playing devil's advocate without a presupposition) There are some qualities that just don't mesh. Such as a 'great teacher' stooping to falsified phenomena ( data).
Anathema in scientific circles.



p.s. as to your own "Shannon letter", would that be an example of a secret technique of palmistry? <g>

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