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H.P. Blavatsky: ". . . we need an outside Master. . . . "

Apr 18, 2004 06:26 PM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

H.P. Blavatsky: ". . . we need an outside Master. . . . "


"I never gave myself out for a full-blown occultist, 
but only for a student of Occultism for the last 
thirty-five or forty years. Yet I am enough of an 
occultist to know that before we find the Master 
within our own hearts and seventh principle - we 
need an outside Master. As the Chinese Alchemist 
says, speaking of the necessity of a living teacher:

"Every one seeks long life (spiritual), but the secret 
is not easy to find. If you covet the precious things 
of Heaven you must reject the treasures of the earth. 
You must kindle the fire that springs from the water 
and evolve the Om contained within the Tong: One word 
from a wise Master and you possess a draught of the 
golden water." 

I got my drop from my Master (the living one). . . . 
He is a Saviour, he who leads you to finding the 
Master within yourself. It is ten years already that 
I preach the inner Master and God and never represented 
our Masters as Saviours in the Christian sense." 

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