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re St Germain , Casanova, Theosophy

Apr 17, 2004 11:36 AM
by Mauri

Steve S wrote:
<<If you read it and take care to distinguishe between fact and opinion
I think you will agree his account is quite valuable. He draws an excellent porttait of St. G and the only thing he says that is not positive is that he considered St. G. to be a fellow impostor.>>

If you're saying or speculating that Casanove appeared to have made a career of impostering and that he might've therefore tended to believe (as one might expect most career imposters to believe ...) that St G's stories must reflect on a background of beliefs similar to his own ... that's one thing, but how can any of us, looking back, know what really motivated Casanova's accounts of St G? And if C was an imposter to begin with ... Not that there might not be forms of impostering found in all of us, in some sense, but ...

<<<Given the kinds of claims St. G was making and given that Casanona was
working the same rackets, it is inevitable that he would have reached
that conclusion. That he was a trader in dyes and jewels, that he
was a great conversationalist, that he ate nothing in the presence of
others, etc., is, I suspect, all true. And none of that is negative.>>

Seems to me that people tend to believe what they "prefer" to believe---where the "prefer" might keep changing in keeping with whatever, so ...

<<One thing that distinguishes St. G. from Cagliostro is that St. G. never seemed to teach anything of a metaphysical nature. Unless you
consider making diamonds to be metaphysical he also never
demonstrated anything, except for claims that he was personally present at the Council of Trent, etc., which are untestable claims. Given that he was interviewed by German Rosicrucians and determined not to be a metaphysical person, I tend to wonder if some of the
claims made by Cooper-Oakley and other have been a bit over enthusiastic. If he had really been a predecessor of HPB one would expect he would have founded a lodge, or joined one of the many
organizations that existed in Europe then. So far as I know, no claim has ever been made that he did so.>>

Do we know more about those German Rosicrucians? I wonder if ST G might've decided, (possibly based on his assessment of those interviewers ...), that he didn't want to come across in a way that might tend to lead to more requests for interviews among other things ... The sense in which one could be considered to be "a predecessor of HPB" could vary, couldn't it ...

Of course, on the other hand, in as much as we're not in possession of facts ... what can we say ...


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