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re St Germain , Casanova,

Apr 16, 2004 10:45 PM
by Mauri

Steve S wrote: <<--- In, "Dallas TenBroeck" <dalval14@e...>

Mar 16 2004

Dear Friends:

Count St. Germain is said to be one of HPB's predecessors in the centenary cyclic effort to reintroduce the perennial wisdom of THEOSOPHY to the "West."

Excellent response. Two things still come to mind. First of
all, St G founded no overt movement, so it is difficult to see
how he could rank along with HPB. His TRINOSOPHIA, which is all
we have of his written work, does not hold a candle to the SD.

Second, when he was in Germany the Rosicrucians wanted to see if
he was one of their secret heads. So they sent some of their people to see him. The story can be found translated in Butler's RITUAL MAGIC, but I have also seen the German text. The
delegates returned to say that he was not a Rosicrucian and that he was not a theosophist, meaning in the eighteenth century sense that he was not a student of metaphysics. That I am sure I
remember correctly. It appears he was a trader in dyes and jewels who amused himself by making absurd claims. Read what Casanova had to say about him and see what you think.>>>

But didn't Carlos Castaneda, eg, protect the real identity/location of Don Juan by saying that his (CC's) books were all fiction? Anyway, Casanova's story seems kind of one sided to me about St G. Aren't there any positive stories that might tend to be supportive of St G in some way from some fairly credible witness? That is, eg, what if both ST G and Casanova wanted to both reveal certain kinds of information (in order to get people to explore new avenues of thought, say ...), but what if they at the same time felt that the realities supporting the information ought not to be revealed to the public (because of danger of whatever) so ... But for all I know, though, maybe they were both chalatans or whatever.


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