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Re: Theos-World CWL

Apr 12, 2004 00:42 AM
by Erica Letzerich

We are civilized!

In Africa millions of people die every year of
starvation. In Brazil and in all South America poverty
increases: families have no access to education, and
in the evening have not a plate of food, or money even
to take a buss. 

I remember this old man that faded when crossing my
way in the streets of Sao Paulo. I helped him after he
become sober again, he told me that it was the third
day on that week that he sold his blood, to be able to
have some money to buy a plate of food.

If we think about Middle East, Eastern Europe, South
America, Asia, Central America, Africa, the majority
of the population are living in poverty with
difficulty to survive decently. 

While few countries in the world are controlling the
money and investing fortunes to build weapons of
massive destruction. 

What happens with the middle classes? The middle
classes are nothing more than puppets. They work to
make money for their survival, to buy their new car,
to change their new mobile, and in their majority at
evening time are seated in front of the TV enchanted
with the colorful propagandas and the market of
violence promulgated by the American movies. 
Their children seat in front of the TV and while
eating pop corn they watch shooting, killing,
corruption, etc, etc. 

Somebody that kills someone is condemned and called a
monster a murderer, but when there is war and they
have to kill its called patriotism, and is extensively
supported by the society.

What can I tell you? Does the mute can sing a song to
the deaf? Does the deaf can hear the mute's song?
Useless to water with tears the fire nourished by
blindness and fear, power rules over it, revolving
deformed performances within human hypocrisy! An
unseen war in silent activity.

Yeah we are civilized... dream sweet dream...

By the way orthodox Christians here have not only
burned a book that have been published some years ago,
but also taken to the court the writer...

Yeah we are civilized...

Erica Letzerich

--- wrote:
> In a message dated 4/11/04 5:52:35 PM Central
> Daylight Time, 
> writes:
> << Does his books are going to be burned in a
> public 
> meeting? I don't think so?
> >>
> No, we are civilized and don't burn books. We use
> them for comic relief when 
> we want to get a laugh out of the audience. (the
> bit about the organ and 
> piano keyboards on each side of wall from The
> Masters and the Path never fails to 
> get them roaring)
> Chuck the Heretic
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