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Re: Theos-World CWL

Apr 10, 2004 01:56 AM
by Erica Letzerich

The first time that I read Leadbeater's books it was in Brazil, the 
country where I am coming from. His books are an endeavor to 
popularize theosophy, and this cannot be neglected or unconsidered. 
And not only, his books inspired many students leading them, 
eventually into a deeper path of research and interest for theosophy.

The first time I read the "Elder Brother" it was during the period I 
was settled at Adyar. Actually the book is available at Adyar's 
library. And what about to open the archives of Adyar for 
researchers that are centered on collecting obscure information 
about the lives of theosophists. May be the next book would be 
Charlatanism Revealed, or Endeavor to Defeat, who knows? 

To criticize it's very easy! Also to find out about intrigues and 
controversial subjects can be something very tempting for many. Why 
not Adyar to include the `Elder Brother' at their book shop in the 
same book shelf of Leadbeater's books? May be also to include Madame 
Blavatsky Baboon! Well the T.S has freedom of thought as a principle 
why not? I will remind some fellows in here why not. 

"No Theosophist should blame a brother, whether within or outside
the association; neither may he throw a slur upon another's actions
or denounce him, lest he himself lose the right to be considered as
a Theosophist. For, as such, he has to turn away his gaze from the
imperfections of his neighbor, and center rather his attention upon
his own shortcomings, in order to correct them and become wiser. Let
him not show the disparity between claim and action in another, but,
whether in the case of a brother, a neighbor, or simply a fellow
man, let him rather ever help one weaker than himself on the arduous
walk of life." H.P.B.

Is not the world with enough problems? To spread shadows and to 
spend time on writing about obscure things is that helpful? Is that 
useful? So what everybody knows about the life of CWL, and now? What 
will change? Does his books are going to be burned in a public 
meeting? I don't think so?

Erica Letzerich

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