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Re: Theos-World How well we know Blavatsky

Apr 05, 2004 02:59 AM
by leonmaurer

Be nice if she revealed something of her knowledge of occultism rather than 
her ego. :-) So far you are the third one to claim a possible comeback or 
kinship with the Old Lady. Whom do we believe? Or do we put you all in the same 
catagory as we take all the returning Jesus Christ claims? <;-)>


In a message dated 04/02/04 10:17:13 PM, writes:

>Not. It is ironic is it not that her former "mission" was to reveal 
>other "masters" and allow herself to be sacrificed for the message. 
>I believe that she was not the teacher, nor the messenger, but the 
>message, the lesson. And now what if her mission is to reveal 
>herself? How well do we know her--I wonder? 
>She is totally amused.

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