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Re: Theos-World Part 2 --- "Well, hell most Jews are now atheists and homosexuals. ....

Apr 04, 2004 05:03 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 03/25/04 2:25:34 PM, writes:


>Thanks Leon for expounding on my statements about cosmology.
>The dark matter will clearly come up the winner in the contest 
>for "creation" but if you think about it "Word" is about as close to 
>nothing as you might get. But then humans, evolved ones, also create 
>out of thoughtforms or "Word/s" and they are just exercising the god 
>within, their god-given right if you like. 

Please don't thank me -- since my exposition, in effect, was to deny your 
previous ideas and statements about cosmology, "the word as nihil," etc... And 
your remarks, now, that there are any "winners" in a supposed "contest for 
creation," personalized "god given rights", etc... That are about as vacuous and 
opinionated, if not bigoted and prejudiced as is your anti-Semitic response to 
Bart's question below. Why must you constantly come up with such diatribes 
against the Jews in broad and unfounded generalities to support your ideas about 
theosophy or its metaphysics and cosmologies? 

In a message dated 03/25/04 2:49:15 PM, writes:

>> > Creation was THE WORD. There is no substance in the Word. 
>> Show me where in Jewish literature it says that, please, 
>>because I cannot find it.
>> Bart
>Well maybe yes or no in Jewish literature as you call it, but what 
>about the Old Testament? DOes that count? What about the Kaballah the 
>Jewish one, and I know it does not say it in the Torah because that 
>is about how much they hated Jesus and other people too.

Apparently, your hatred of those who won't accept Jesus as their savior 
(which is their right) along with the few nasty priests who wished him dead when he 
threatened their greed -- which has little to do with the rest of the Jews 
who went on following their religion as usual -- is coloring your reason. How 
can you be "anti" any group of people in their entirety (which comes off to 
others of your ilk as a blanket hatred of them that feeds their own bigotry) -- 
merely because they don't want to idolize or worship any individual as a God? 
This entirely belies your previously arrogant claims to understand HPB and her 
teachings, or be an extension of her mission. I'm sure there are large 
numbers of Jews who do not hate Jesus at all, and many who recognize his Sermon on 
the Mount but could very well hate those bigoted Christians (if that's what 
you mean by "other people") who blanket persecute them for something they never 
did or condoned. 

In any event, as you demonstrated with your words -- they can be very 
powerful either to help or to harm... And, very far from being "close to nothing at 
all." I don't think HPB would ever have said anything like that.


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