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Fwd: The spiritual festivals and their full moons are upon us

Apr 04, 2004 04:40 AM
by netemara888

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Why look for the living among the dead?

It is that time again when everyone and everybody feels a bit of 
psychism in their heads.

My dear daughter called me the other day and told me an interesting 
story about her psychic nature and how mature it is becoming. She 
kept saying "mom, I am getting so psychic." We have these types of 
conversations all the time. She has seen things for me even that 
have been extremely accurate.

For this experience she told me how that little voice kept telling 
her that she would run into someone she had not seen in a long time 
and that it would be vital that she appeared as the prosperous, 
beautiful person that she is. She has only been in institutions of 
higher learning. She is working on her clinical doctorate degree in 
physical therapy through Washington U. (the top school for PT in 
this country) but yet she is fully convinced that she had a genuine 
psychic nature.

Anyway, as her day progressed she followed her prompts as she heard 
them and began to question herself that she still had not seen 
anyone who would fulfill this. Finally, at a store as she was 
leaving she heard someone call her name: Tailetha (her real first 
name, but is also the girl that Jesus raised from the dead--but it 
means "little girl" so it may not have been her name at all) and she 
turns around and there is the woman who introduced her to her 
husband some ten years earlier. 

She had not seen the woman since then and they stopped and talked. 
Then she told her that the guy she introduced her to she married. 
This same daughter of mine is also the one I call Cleopatra Selene. 
Her photo is posted here; in which we are standing together--she's 
the tall one. She married, I believe, the same African Prince she 
married after Cleopatra and Mark committed suicide.

We repeat certain aspects of our lives from the past from time to 
time. She is having a near-perfect life after having been my mother 
in her last life. The gods breed the gods and are their progeny. She 
died young in a train accident. That was karmic too. I saw it 
clearly six months before it happened while I was living in 
California. I even stood on the train tracks and saw the train(in my 
astral body) that took her away on Amtrak. It also killed 13 people. 
If you are interested you can read the (inaccurate) newspaper 
accounts from June 10, 1971 if you like. In that accident my mother, 
sister and cousin were killed. But why look for the living among the 

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