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An Update on The Theosophy Company's edition of THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE

Oct 14, 2003 07:47 AM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

In a letter dated March 30, 1928 and signed by THE
THEOSOPHY COMPANY, the anonymous writer informed Dr.
H.N. Stokes:

"The Theosophy Company is just bringing out an
entirely new edition of *The Voice of the Silence.* .
. .. Sometime ago the Theosophy Company came into
possession of a copy of the original London edition of
*The Voice of the Silence* with the typographical
changes and corrections made by Mr. Judge in his own
hand, and it is this text which is followed in the
edition just being issued by the Theosophy Company. .
. ." [quoted in O.E. LIBRARY CRITIC, July 1928.]

In a follow-up letter dated May 1, 1928, THE THEOSOPHY
COMPANY again stated to Dr. Stokes the following:

"This new [TC 1928] edition . . . is set up *verbatim
et literatim* from a copy of the original edition of
*The Voice of the Silence* as corrected by Mr. Judge
in his own handwriting. This copy we have in our
possession. . . ." [quoted in O.E. LIBRARY CRITIC,
July 1928.]

Another version to the above was mentioned a few years
ago in "The Aquarian Theosophist":

"This change [in THE VOICE concerning the "thin oblong
squares] FIRST occurred in the 1892 edition of the
Voice issued by G.R.S. Mead and A. Besant. Hence it
appears that WQJ based his 1893 edition on the
Mead/Besant reprint rather than HPB's original. 
EDS." [Caps added. See 
<> p. 2,
footnote 1.] 

Further clarification is given below.

One ULT associate recently wrote:

". . . both of those Stokes letters [cited above] are
mistaken due to the erroneous info he received from
Theosophy Company. At the time (1928) John Garrigues
[of ULT](whose handwritten note appears on the inside
front cover) did not realize that changes had ALREADY
BEEN MADE in the edition Judge was marking up for

Another writer also recently elaborated on the edition
Judge marked up:

". . . Judge did not use HPB's original edition for
his own edition of the Voice, but used the already
doctored 1892 edition which was probably altererd
[sic]by Mead and Besant. . . . this has been verified
because that 1892 copy with Judge's handwriting is in
LA Lodge [of the United Lodge of Theosophists]. 
. . . "


Daniel H. Caldwell

"...Contrast alone can enable us to appreciate things at 
their right value; and unless a judge compares notes and 
hears both sides he can hardly come to a correct decision."
H.P. Blavatsky. The Theosophist, July, 1881, p. 2
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