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Sep 30, 2003 12:15 PM
by oraganon

upholding says in matters two fold collision confided frontation imprint
bodies like masses such monovalence misconception about how it really is
here there open outer coils complete corrosion rain drops surface maps solid
solidity in structure happenings pretend not such occasions light too an fro
beyond finite matters complete inclusion confusion mixed an pleasant moral
diamond tipped feathers safely flowing pollen in the wind hyper axioms
flooded insects devouring non ideal substance hive correspondence gold
dipped life blood an perfect structure to boot seven senses with eight
psychologies nature child seed innocent opening doors dimension all avatars
what as when told self calling many birds for many eons still not satisfied
until it comes branching out water air purifier breathing each suns until
the last drop time folding matter from ever corner this way getting out by
now seeing sure as it comes surrounding it once again sea brings self in
approach connecting dots down the line never reaching a final destination
see through the bubbles or be spheres in conception


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