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DNA, -THIRD-? and genetic-engeneering...

Sep 30, 2003 04:28 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Hi all of you,

Time is running.

I have a few question.
Maybe some of you will help me and others who are interested in this issue.

The reason for asking the following - should be viewed as an offshoot of the now ongoing debate in Denmark on 

A--- Whether the mere level of INTELLIGENCE should be a reason for lawmaking encouraging certain groups within the population to multiply (giving them money or something else) and perhaps encouraging other groups to keep their birthrate or multiplication down (by tax-release or other measures). This debate was create by a danish researcher and professor. (Bangladesh have tried the idea in lawmaking - but had to abandon it because of pressure from the population.)
B--- The proposal by some of the law makers to create registration of DNA for - all - the population.

The last issue has the recent days made a great number of - concerned citizens phone the particular Governmental - Institute, which has a stock of bloodsamples from various citizens available dating from at least the year 1981 and forward. It is these bloodsamples, which the government eventually will use in crime research - and maybe research on terrorism. The danish citizens have by law the right to claim these bloodsamples returned to themselves if they so choose. 
This happens - few months before the Danish population has to vote for EU-membership and eventually the new constitution - which is by some said to almost turn EU into a State similar to the - present - German one. Atr least there is a pattern.
There will be a kind of presidential post created in the new EU, and the foreign-minister of EU will now - become a kind of real States foreignminister of EU. All countries will have the same coin and national bank - as some countries already have.
One end of the political corner cries "Islam is dangerous, don't let to many foreigners into your countries." The other end says let them come.
Some sort of says let them come - we have a law which are ready to treat them as they "deserve" - and the like.

1. What have Blavatsky primarily and also other theosophists written about the issue - the THIRD rootrace and the creation of the sexes ?
(I think Dallas, Caldwell or someone else might have access to an short clear overview on this issue.)
2. How can this be related to present day science ?
3. Where are we going in the near future ?
4. Will we witness tampering with DNA registration and missue by Intelligence Agencies and other groups and agencies around the globe ? 
And DNA- terrorism ?
And where will that lead us ?
5. Will the ancient tampering with DNA revoke a karmic circle, where various kinds of "DNA-monsters" attracted because of fear or because greed for power will walk in the streets ?
6. How much tampering with DNA happened during the THIRD rootrace and also the FOURTH rootrace ?
7. How will Theosophy relate to this issue of DNA registration in the future ?
What is the policy of the different theosophical or related groups ?
(The Jews was strangely enough called an "artificial race" by Blavatsky (SD vol. II, p. 571), and said to be only about 8.000 years old.)

I think, that these questions are important to ask in the present age, where DNA-cloning, Genetic-engineering, Nano-Techology, Bio-technology, Internet-interactivity, Cyborgs, Wireless-communication (by satellite - Europes latest trick) and the like --- are coming high on the political and spiritual agendas !

And please don't reject this question: 
What is your own position on these issues?

I just read this one about the notorius trickster Mula Nasrudin.
Have fun.

Q: Ur name please? 
Mula: Nasreddin 
Q: Sex? 
Mula: 3 times a week 
Q: I mean Male or female? 
Mula: Does not matter. Sometimes even camel!

M. Sufilight with peace and love...

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