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1 - SPIRIT IN THE BODY-summy.doc

Sep 27, 2003 12:01 PM
by W. Dallas TenBreoeck

These phrases seemed most important to me.

P 3	Right thought must precede right speech and right action.


P 3	Do not let conditions which surround you, contrasted with what
you can see, weigh upon you. .whatever conditions exist were produced by
you-so far as they affect you

P 3	All that is necessary is for each one to do his duty by every
duty. None is small or unimportant.

P 3	.attachment to things or results comes by thinking about them.
You can have no attachment for a thing you do not think about; neither
can you have any dislike for a thing you do not think about. 

P 3	.do not attach yourself to any particular form of result. Leave
results to the law-they will surely come in accordance with it.resign
all personal interest in the results. 

Motive and Choice

P 3	.it is the motive alone that marks the line between black and
white. But what is needed in the world is knowledge. Good motive may
save the moral character, but it does not ensure those thoughts and
deeds which make for the highest good of humanity. 

P 3	Good motive without knowledge makes sorry work sometimes. 

P 4	Theosophy is the path of knowledge. It was given out in order,
among other things, that good motive and wisdom might go hand in hand.

Why is there Life?

P 4	.the purpose of life is to learn and that it is all made up of

.the ordinary duties of everyday existence are seen to be the means by
which we learn many things. "Do thy duty by every duty leaving results
to the law."

Theosophy ?

P 4	Theosophy was once happily stated to be "sanctified
common-sense," and I am glad that you perceive it.

Theosophy and the T S

P 4	The Theosophical Movement is greater than any society or
organization. The latter.correspond to our physical bodies, whereas the
Movement corresponds to the Soul. 

P 4	The Theosophical Society was founded by Masters as an
organization for the promulgation of the Wisdom Religion.. in all the
Theosophical societies the message brought by H. P. B. to the Western
world is the basis of their existence. 

P 4	.all the difficulties that have arisen in the T. S. raged around
personalities, rather than over doctrinal differences. This is

P 5	The T. S. represents the world. In it, in embryo, are fought the
battles of the world. Ignorance, superstition, selfishness, ambition-all
are there. There are other dangers menacing such a body as the T. S.
besides the "personal-following" one. Sometimes self-appointed
conservators of the body arise, with hard and fast conclusions as to
men, things and methods. 

P 5	.no method is the true method; that the true method must be a
combination of all methods. 

Masters ?

P 5	Masters are working in many ways, and through many organizations
as well as with individuals. There are no barriers to Their assistance,
except such as personalities impose upon themselves. Their work is
universal; let our view be as much in that direction as possible..

P 5	H. P. Blavatsky was the Messenger from the Great Lodge to the
western world. 

P 5	William Q. Judge was a co-founder and co-worker with H. P. B.
from the beginning. 

P 5	H. P. B. and W. Q. J. were not accorded the positions They held
through any authority, but through recognition of Their knowledge and
power. They were sui generis; all others are but students. 

P 5	Those who belittle Judge will be found belittling H. P. B. 

P. 6	In reality the Masters are Those to whom we should turn our
thoughts in meditation. They are the "bridge," as W. Q. J. says in one
of the "Letters." [Letters, p. 112]

Belittling a Teacher

P. 5	"Accursed by karmic action will find himself he, who spits back
in the face of his Teacher." .it conveys a fact of most grave import in
occultism. "By their fruits ye shall know them."

P. 5	To those who know H. P. B. and W. Q. J., attacks are worthy of
consideration from only one point of view-that they turn the attention
of many who would otherwise learn the great truths of Man and Nature.

A Student writes.

P. 6	I would not have you look on me in the light of a spiritual
Guru. Think of me as kindly as you will, but do not place me on any
pedestal; let me be a pilot who will be most glad to help with any
charts and is not the best thing to rely upon any living
person.for if such an one should be swept into seeming darkness for a
time, its effect would not be good and might dishearten.

Personal advance ?

P. 6. The desire to be and to do [for others] comes out strongly and
clears the way for the true and permanent growth with its expansion and
retardation-which means growth and solidification

P. 7	Our best safe-guard is an unselfish desire to benefit others,
with no anxiety about our own progress, while striving all the time to
make ourselves the better able to help and teach others.

EYE and HEART Doctrines ?

P. 7	There are two doctrines spoken of in the Wisdom Religion, the
doctrine of the Eye is the intellectual one, the doctrine of the Heart
is spiritual, where knowledge springs up spontaneously within. 

P. 7	[the Heart Doctrine].Theosophy will lead you to.the chart that
has led many to the goal is in your hands in the philosophy of not be too anxious; abide the time when your own inner
demands shall open the doors, for those Great Ones who I know exist see
every pure-hearted earnest disciple, and are ready to give a turn to the
key of knowledge when the time in the disciple's progress is ripe.

Spiritual help.

P. 7	No one who strives to tread the path is left unhelped; the Great
Ones see his "light," and he is given what is needed for his better
development. That light is.actual, and its character denotes one's
spiritual condition; there are no veils on that plane of seeing. 

P. 7-8	The help must be of that nature which leaves perfect freedom of
thought and action; otherwise, the lessons would not be learned.
Mistakes will occur, perhaps many of them, but, as is said, "twenty
failures are not irremediable if followed by as many undaunted struggles
upward." The help will come for the most part in ordinary ways and from
one or another of the companions with whom you were possibly connected
in other lives, and whom your soul will recognize.


P. 8	They [Masters] need and welcome workers in the world. Is it
strange, then, that the light of souls attracted toward the path of
unselfishness should receive Their cognition, and when deserved-when
needed - such succor as Karma permits. 

P. 8	They, Themselves, have written, "Ingratitude is not one of our
vices"; and while we may not claim gratitude from Them, yet we may be
sure that compassion absolute is there, and with it the understanding of
the nature and needs of each aspirant. 

P. 8	Doubt and fear belong only to the - personal consciousness; the
real Perceiver, the Higher Ego has neither. The Gita says, "cast aside
all doubt and fight on." You may [be] .suddenly surrounded by a fog;
the way is obscured.and fogs always lift. And never for one moment think
that you are not going on with your "journey." 

P. 8	It is well for us if we can always have deep down in our heart
of hearts the consciousness of the nearness of Masters; by Their very
nature They must be near to every true aspirant.

P. 8	.make clean and clear, first, the mental conceptions and
perceptions; the rest will follow naturally; 


by R. Crosbie

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