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Anonymity, CWL, Besant, Bailey, New World Order, Global Governance etc.

Sep 27, 2003 06:52 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Hi all of you,

A few comments to the ongoing debates on theosophy and what is true theosophy - and the subsections
1. anonymity or not, and when
2. W. Q. Judge or not W. Q. Judge
3. Annie Besant or not Annie Besant
4. C. W. Leadbeater or not C. W. Leadbeater
5. Alice A. Bailey or not Alice A. Bailey
6. and other so-called personalities
7. a spiritual organisational structure or none organisational structure at all

I have i some of my recent emails as well as earliere ones commented on these issues.

On 1.:
I think Leon have made a good email, which sort of settles the case.

On 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 - personalities:
I still wonder why the debate on the so-called personalities have taken the direction it has.
My recent contribution was to email the article THE ISLANDERS (part 1-3), so to make the readers
and Seekers aware of the present situation we live in as spiritual Seekers involves certain individuals OR groups, which themselves thinks
they know better than others - and which uses up their time to tell others that they do so on a level, which only leads to endless discussion and
no real constructive spiritual development. That is at least my view in part, that this is what has happened on that issue here at Theos-talk or elsewhere.

In one of my other emails here at Theos-talk (Thu Jul 3, 2003; - subject: Theosophy - crystallizing or dogmatic ?) , - I in a certain sense stated that there are different audiences within Theosophy.
Each Theosophical branch with its teaching has its own audience. - I have to say, that as far as I understand the core teachings on altruism, and the three main objectives among them the objective of Unversal Brotherhood (- covering sisterhood as well) are never left out. One exception being some of the various Alice A. Bailey groups, which uses a different formulation.

Firstly there is a issue called the Guardians of renewal, - that is renewal of the wisdom tradition on various levels, also the physical one. And on the physical level this happens either within the groups using the name "Theosophical" or "Theosophy" or both using the dead-letter reading. And it also happens outside these groups using other names or partly doing so, and escaping the use of the dead-letter reading, writing and teaching.
I have a few weeks back mentioned this issue in an email - here at Theos-Talk, (Growth, Deteroriation and Renewal) so to enhance the understanding of the dilemma, the students of theosophy faces when they want to find the most true teaching on wisdom, the wisdom tradition or theosophy - or another fitting name.

My question is who can (in the past and today) be called the Guardians of Renewal within the Theosophical branches and ALSO outside of them - and who not? 
Who are those who have preserved the teachings of the wisdom tradition and who not?
Who have deteriorated the teachings of the wisdom tradition and how and why?
Who has crystallized in their teachings of the wisdom tradition or their work on the same?

To answer these questions are not simple. There are more than one answer to these question depending on the level of consciousness and type of personality of the individual, who answers these questions.

On 7 - organizational structures or not:
When that is realized today year 2003, one turns to the democratical principles and manners of thinking and a formation of an international body of loose connected groups and organizations takes form on our physical level in the present times. There are already more than one of these bodies. I will mention the URI (United Religions Initiative ), which is the largest open multireligious body on the Planet.
I will mention that the name Theosophy is not mentioned on their website as a major body, but the Wiccan's are.

Why not make such a formation - a loose structured - get togehter body. I know, that there recently took a meeting place between the Adyar Theosophists, the Rudolf Steiner group, and other groups to discuss among other issues - the dangers of the crystallization of the Theosophical teachings and connected groups. Is there more light on that from any who attended that meeting ?
(But organisaztional structures have as far as I know never really been the big cup of tea within Theosophy.)

Another issue is the changes within different international related political organs. Some of them are now using ad hoc commitees or commitees, which are using words in their titles like "The group of wise persons..." to solve this or that problem or issue, or to make a report on this or that issue. I find this development interesting. I has happened in the European Union and also in The United Nations.
The European Union: and
On United Nations - The Earth Charter made some heads spin: (- also )
So everbody wants to be WISE these days. And when the wisdom tradition or wisdom religion of all ages past is Theosophy, then one wonders what is going on, right ?

THE NEW WORLD ORDER - The Golden Age - United Nations Commission on Global Governance:
So what is happening on your local area of the world ?

I think it was Katinka who here at theos-talk mentioned, something like, that any physical organisation also a theosophical one in nature always will be limited in its nature and therefore have tendencies to crystallize or be viewed by outsiders as well as insiders with a limited view as a body, movement or even a sect. This just because it is physical. There are non-physical organisations even if they are related to the physical past of this Planet.

The news shortly:
I have some more on the Maurice Strong - versus - Alice A. Bailey issue.
His wife Hanne Strong or Hanne Marstrand Strong will attend to following meeting with the guru Amma:
Bawa Jain, assistant to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan will also be present as well as other officals from india.
Present will also be no other than: 
Yolanda King, daughter of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, and director of the King Centre for Non-violent Social Change

Half a million people has arrived to meet her at this special occasion:

I also mention this because Amma is somewhat popular in Denmark.

M. Sufilight with peace and love...

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