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Interview with A. Besant -- Mullins on JUDGE

Sep 26, 2003 05:21 PM
by W. Dallas TenBreoeck

Friday, September 26, 2003

Re Interview with A. Besant -- Mullins

Dear Reed:

Additionally to the info just sent. This is also of some worth.


Interview with A. Besant -- Mullins

Copied from a carbon at the archives of the U L T Los Angeles DTB
Aug 11 2002



October 6, 1926
William Mullins ( or Mulliss ?)

When I arrived in Los Angeles on Sunday morning last I had no idea that
Mrs. Besant was also in the city, and having occasion to call on Mr.
George Young, the Publisher and Editor of the Los Angeles EXAMINER on
Monday afternoon, it occurred to me that the time might be opportune to
arrange for a meeting with Mrs. Besant. Mr. Young was quite ready to
fall into the suggestion that I interview Mrs. Besant as a
representative of the Los Angeles EXAMINER, and he gave instructions to
his Managing Editor to arrange the interview if possible. After some
preliminary difficulties a meeting was arranged for 9:30 Wednesday
morning at the home of a person identified to me as the Rev. John
Ingleman, 2154 Beachwood Blvd., Hollywood.

When I arrived Mrs. Besant was already occupied with visitors. She
received me very graciously and in her private room. I explained to
Mrs. Besant that I was a newspaper man representing both Canadian and
American newspapers; that I was not unfamiliar with the subject of
Theosophy and in that respect she would not be meeting the usual type of
interviewer who had no special knowledge of the subject under discussion
and criticism. She seemed to be interested in the fact that I was a
Canadian for she observed she had lectured in Vancouver and that she
later on expected to visit Toronto, and, in an aside, she expressed her
regrets that she would not be able to visit Ottawa where a family, whose
name I caught as Weddington, were living, this family having been with
her for some time at madras.

I hope this is also helpful


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