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Sep 26, 2003 04:31 AM
by W. Dallas TenBreoeck

H P B Articles I p. 301

Some of the statements made herein seem important :

P. 302	Our MASTERS are simply holy mortals, nevertheless,
however, higher than any in this world, morally, intellectually and

P. 302	However holy and advanced in the science of the
Mysteries--they are still men, members of a Brotherhood, who are the
first in it to show themselves subservient to its time-honored laws and

P. 302	.one of the first rules in it demands that those who
start on their journey.should proceed by the straight road, without
stopping on every side-way and path.that they should have confidence and
show trust and patience, besides several other conditions to fulfill. 

P. 302	Truly " 'The Dwellers of the threshold' are within!" 

P. 302	Once that a theosophist would become a candidate for
either chelaship or favors, he must be aware of the mutual pledge,
tacitly, if not formally offered and accepted between the two parties,
and, that such a pledge is sacred. It is a bond of seven years of

P. 203	.the chief and the only indispensable condition required
in the candidate or chela on probation, is simply unswerving fidelity to
the chosen Master and his purposes. 

P. 203	.the magnetic rapport between the two once broken, it
becomes at each time doubly difficult to re-establish it again; and that
it is neither just nor fair, that the Masters should strain their powers
for those whose future course and final desertion they very often can
plainly foresee. 

P. 304	Emotionalism is not philosophy; and Buddha devoted his
long self-sacrificing life to tear people away precisely from that evil
breeding superstition. 

P. 304	For years every new member has been told that he was
promised nothing, but bad everything to expect only from his own
personal merit. The Theosophist is left free and untrammeled in his
P. 306	[H P B] I will be asked: "And who are you to find fault
with us? Are you, who claim nevertheless communion with the Masters and
receive daily favors from Them; Are you so holy, faultless, and so

To this I [H P B] answer: 

I AM NOT. Imperfect and faulty is my nature; many and glaring are my
shortcomings--and for this my Karma is heavier than that of any other
Theosophist. Yet I accept the trial cheerfully. Why? Because I know that
I have, all my faults notwithstanding, Master's protection extended over
me. And if I have it, the reason for it is simply this: for thirty-five
years and more, ever since 1851 that I saw any Master bodily and
personally for the first time, I have never once denied or even doubted
Him, not even in thought. Never a reproach or a murmur against Him has
escaped my lips, or entered even my brain for one instant under the
heaviest trials. 

P. 306	.as soon as one steps on the Path leading to the Ashrum
AND TRUTH--his Karma, instead of having to be distributed throughout his
long life, falls upon him in a block and crushes him with its whole
weight. He who believes in what he professes and in his Master, will
stand it and come out of the trial victorious.This is why, having been
so constantly, so mercilessly slashed by my Karma.that I have stood it
all. I felt sure that Master would not permit that I should perish; that
he would always appear at the eleventh hour--and so he did. Three times
I was saved from death by Him, the last time almost against my will;
when I went again into the cold, wicked world out of love for Him, who
has taught me what I know and made me what I am. Therefore, I do His
work and bidding, and this is what has given me the lion's strength to
support shocks--physical and mental, one of which would have killed any
theosophist who would go on doubting of the mighty protection.

P. 307	Unswerving devotion to Him who embodies the duty traced
for me, and belief in the Wisdom--collectively, of that grand,
mysterious, yet actual Brotherhood of holy men--is my only merit, and
the cause of my success in Occult philosophy. 

P. 307	[GREAT MASTER} : Perish rather, the Theosophical
Society and its hapless Founders," 

[H P B] : I say perish their twelve years' labour and their very lives
rather than that I should see what I do today: theosophists, outvying
political "rings" in their search for personal power and authority;
theosophists slandering and criticizing each other as two rival
Christian sects might do; finally theosophists refusing to lead the life
and then criticizing and throwing slurs on the grandest and noblest of
men, because tied by their wise laws--hoary with age and based on an
experience of human nature millenniums old--those Masters refuse to
interfere with Karma and to play second fiddle to every theosophist who
calls upon Them and whether he deserves it or not. 

Offered by DTB

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