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RE: Thoughts and THOUGHTS.

Sep 24, 2003 02:01 AM
by W. Dallas TenBreoeck

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Dear Friend T.:

Break, cool forecast (relatively) today, as clouds from south come in.

I was reading from the MAHATMA LETTERS last night, p. 170 (top) Barker
Edn. "Science will hear sounds from certain planets before she sees
them. This is a prophecy." And it has happened. One need only review
the past 50 years of Astronomy to see and grasp this fact and prophetic

What you write makes me think. See if this sounds right:  

To the "higher" mental vision (image-forming), the Sun is present, even
if physically it is obscured. (by clouds in day and by the Earth bulk
itself at night) 

Imagination is a faculty that can be used by both "Higher" and "lower"
minds. The difference between the two is WISDOM and ignorance. We as
"minds" are able to see both and choose which we will work with.
[Ignorance is always time-aware, matter and emotion limited, and
continually uncertain and wavering.] WISDOM is impersonal, universal and
true at all times and places. Invariable and invulnerable. It is the
true friend of the "lower mind" and seeks to show it the value of
knowledge and stability. Hence it is said there are "Two Egos" in man.
[S D II 167]

Mind sees truly, because most factors are in its view. (we could say its
vibratory range is of a penetrating quality, such that gross matter does
not obstruct it.  

Physical stuff is not an obstruction to the mind. It cuts through the
present state of the physical and emotional (or psychic) environment at
WILL. This is in the present. But few have this ability, yet. Unless
this faculty is made absolutely altruistic and pure of personal bias, it
can be abused, and become at an extreme, selfishly evil.

Will is the tool of the mind that enables this. We, (the PERCEIVER) at
this point in evolutionary time, do not entirely know the power of our
WILL. But we are beginning to be aware of its awesome power. We are also
learning about the powers of the emotions and desires, as well as of
"gross matter." 

Karma (ours and that of the rest) has something to say here, as does the
MONAD. That is to be thought out. [Always remember that the real "we"
is like a "drop" in The OCEAN OF ALL-BEING." A puzzle to the (lower)
mind familiar mostly with the physical state of embodiment How are
things kept straight? Must be set up between the ATMA and its vehicle
BUDDHI, one of whose aspects is the AKASA. Also MANAS is part of the
immortal and eternal THREE.] (see S D I 200 Diagram on left side.)

It is here that sometimes the "lower" (psychically attached) "mind"
comes into play. And we ought to begin to recognize it as such. This
is technically" Kama-manas" -- (desire-mind).

Emotional desire (also image creating: "fancy") may obstruct,
regardless of physical situation. It also creates a "desire" image,
based on memory and an emotional condition that prevailed during that
memory (it is something that has already passed) that changes as one

Different principle in operation. Desire, passion and emotion are
difficult to identify separately from our mental selves. It can be done
when we think of the potential ideals of the Higher mind as present and
usable. That produces when willed, detachment and a secure basis for
meditation. See if that makes sense.

Psychically the sun varies according to desire. Hence, there is in us
in such cases, continual uncertainty as to truth.

Now see if this makes sense. I think it is one of the key concepts
Theosophy offers.

What a lovely reminiscence you evoke.

Best wishes as always.



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Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2003 11:54 AM

Dear Dallas:

Very nice as usual to hear from you. I do understand the weather in
area has been very hot. The friend in Glendale said yesterday (Monday)
something like 107. Now that is up there. Kansas City is having very
delightful fall weather right now cool and brisk but the sun is out and
produces warmth while out doors.

About the energy of SPIRIT. Yes I agree with you the essential energy
SPIRIT is everywhere. And perhaps in equal portions where ever on earth
that one may be. Just as the sun is always present in the universe;
one my not see the sun if there is a heavy cloud cover surrounding the
Is that not true? But the heavy cloud cover does not mean the sun is
THERE. We are just not in observant notice of the presence of the sun
that given moment.

Henceforth the cloud cover masking the sun's true energy. So may it
be the other forms of energy that are present in an area.

It would be so much easier for me to have calmness peace and quiet in
mountains of the Taos, New Mexico area than say at the intersection of
Street and Madison Avenue in New York City, New York. I am sure one
perceive the energy of Spirit in New York city as well as in Taos New

I would take the choice of peacefulness and calm of Taos any day.
Something also about the people in the area as well. Each of us is a
spring of energy for either the best or not the best. When we choose
path of grace and peace we express LOVE the very hint of things the
which of us to do.

I was just re reading some material from an earlier Theosophy Magazine
the ancient city of Alexandria and how very wonderful it was as a place
learning and culture. Now I was just thinking at one time YOU AND I
THERE. What doing? Racing up the broad steps of the magnificent
eager to learn some new WISDOM or perhaps sitting at the feet of a very
learned Master taking in his deep words of knowledge and learning.
Then in
further discussion and dialogue to come to greater understanding that we
indeed a part of the WHOLE.

Have a very wonderful day today and enjoy 

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