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Re: Theos-World ULT and the Theosophical Movement (the books)

Sep 23, 2003 07:07 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

Thanks, Leon; you have given me a satisfactory answer that I can pass on to others. Just a little comment: wrote:
competent and learned theosophical student/teachers. All in all, I found that the Lodge admirably serves its purpose of providing a facility and forum where serious students can study and question fundamental theosophy in the company of many wise teachers and companions. What other purpose should any theosophical Lodge have?
To expand upon the fundamentals? This is not to say that studying and questioning them is not a good cause in and of itself, and is why I consider the various Societies to be more complementary than competitive (and, by the way, have often sent people who were interested in deeper study of the fundamentals to the ULT). While I do not believe in unification of the various groups, I wish there was more cooperation (such as I just received from you). Your explanation manages to resolve pretty much all the discrepancies I have heard in the stories (well, except people being thrown out; is there any situation where people might feel unwelcome, such as trying to cast Satan out of the group or bringing up the works of Leadbeater?).


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