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Theosophy and the Vril Notion?

Sep 20, 2003 04:42 AM
by Vance

Can someone provide more information on these Vril-related 

The magazine Transactions is listed in the New York Public Library 
catalog. It is not dated, even to within a decade or before a 
specific year, but Transactions was published from London under the 
editorship of A. Lovell for the Vril-ya Club. Subject headings in the 
library catalog are Vril and Theosophy.

I am currently tracing the notion of Vril and groups devoted to it. 
Vril, in capsule, is an ancient energy described first in the 1871 
Baron Bulwer Lytton book Vril, the Coming Race. The novel is not so 
different from anything Jules Verne had written earlier, but the word 
became part of occult language. Today it is most associated, falsely 
in my estimate, with Nazi UFOs produced by a German Vri-il 
Gesellschaft which had been active in Berlin since 1917 or so under 
the patronage of Karl Haushofer and the Thule Society. The rumoured 
group is in some places said to have formed in Vienna after a meeting 
between several occult masters and mediums. According to the likely 
fictitious account, Hitler had the group banned when he came to power 
and only began consulting the secret remnants of the order when he 
desired to use their knowledge in the war effort. They were said, 
among other claims, to have channeled messages from space men 
providing information on saucer design.
On the skeptics side, some scholars say there never was any Vril 
Society and that Willy Ley, the rocket scientist who gave the English 
speaking world the first hint of the society in an American pulp sci-
fi magazine in 1947, made it up.
Somewhere in-between lies the truth, I feel, and the Theosophical 
Society plays a role...

Other publications related to Vril as becoming an occult term are:

Rosicrucian Christianity no. 19, The Coming Force, Vril or What? by 
Max Heindel ca. 1909.

Vril or Vital Magnetism, Chicago, McClurg 1911.

Vril, a translation to German by Günther Wachsmuth, Kommende Tag 
Verlag (Rudolf Steiner, Goetheanum), Stuttgart, 1922.

Bulwer-Lytton as Occultist, by C. Nelson Stewart, Theosophical Publ. 
House, London, 1927.

Transactions (serial), A. Lovell editor, Vril-ya Club, London, 
subject Theosophy, n.d.

Der Vril Mythos, by Peter Bahn and Heiner Gehring, Omega Verlag, 
Düsseldorf, 1997.

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