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Re: katinka ´s doubt xamanism

Sep 16, 2003 04:08 AM
by mundo_xama

Dear Katinka,
Hi everybody.
You placed a "?" next to Mundo_Xama in your last message.
You may call me Eddy.
Xamã is a portuguese name for Shaman ( it is the same pronounciation).
The name mundo_xama is the identification of my e-mail for a shamanism-related e-group I was member of.
I also like xamanism and it is interesting to see that even in the very ancient communities of Siberia and Alaska, There had always been a special-powered men or women who dealt with spirituality in these " tribes" in a very particular way.
If you seek and follow up the spiritual habits of native peoples from Siberia to South/Central America, it is posssible to notice that xamanism is very similar, principally for the musical and ritualistic instruments used.
HPB met some Native American Shamen during her first expeditions in USA which also enriched her information about this type of spirituality...

Best wishes

Is Katinka a Serbian (? from Serbia) name for Catherine?

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