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Re: Theos-World Still about Besant/HPB, contrasts

Sep 16, 2003 00:15 AM
by Katinka Hesselink

Hi Dallas and Mundo_xama (?),

Some thoughts in between. 

--- In, "W. Dallas TenBroeck"
<dalval14@e...> wrote:
> Monday, September 15, 2003
> Dear friend:
> In part you write:
> "The development of astral or etherical senses has nothing to do 
> with ethics and moral."
> According to Theosophical teachings there is no such separation.  
> Karma envelops all things and ideas. Hence our actions and thoughts 
> and the development of "astral or etherical" senses are bound, and 
> all interactive together.
Surely this is a simplification. Though it is true that all action
comes from a mix of mind, emotion and perhaps higher faculties - and
that all that results in one karma. Still in a day I may have kind
thoughts, unkind thoughts, kind actions and unkind actions (not to
speak of emotions), each creating their own ripples and karmic
threads. That these will all, good and bad, catch up with 'me',
doesn't mean they can't be viewed seperately. 

I do agree that it's all mixed up together, but the fact that my body
is an integrated whole, doesn't mean that it isn't usefull every once
in a while to look at 'just' my heart, if there is a suspicion I might
have a heartproblem. The same for what acts in us. 
> The Universe is ONE and as it is a whole, every part is interactive 
> with all the rest..
> The path between the physical and the spiritual passes through the
> astral (etherical) and the psychic. All are forever involved in 
> each other.
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> From: mundo_xama [
> Sent: Sunday, September 14, 2003 12:17 PM
> To:
> Subject: Theos-World Still about Besant/HPB, contrasts
> Dear Katinka 
> I liked very much Katinkaīs considerations and opinions of Besantīs
> efforts to show herself off in later editions of SD and the T.M.
> itself..
> Something very wrong and something we can learn a lot from is the
> development of special powers i.g. clairvoyance.
> The development of astral or etherical senses has nothing to do with
> ethics and moral.
> She and Leadbeater, with all their alleged psychic powers placed
> their own ego in the first place.
How do you know that? Did you look into their souls?

What I am slowly starting to realize is that the
Besant/Leadbeater/Taimni tradition in theosophy started or elaborated
on the focus of theosophy as a study in consciousness. (literally a
title of Annie Besant). I think that is very essential in trying to
live theosophy practically and it really is not a very big leap from
that to Krishnamurti's primary focuss: consciousness. 

This aspect of theosophy is present in Blavatsky's work as well as
Judges or De Purucker's, but Besant et al. made it more central, more
explicit. And when all the trimmings of Besant and Leadbeater's work
come off, what's left is study in consciousness. That is very important. 
With trimmings I mean all the stuff that their critics complain of:
focuss on the masters as petty human beings concerned with every day
details (Leadbeater). Materialising the highest to look like men and
women (both). etc. Still there is enough in both their books that is
interesting and central to understanding occultism. And to ignore it,
is simply ignorant. 


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