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Re: Theos-World time to review

Sep 15, 2003 06:25 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Hi all of you,

Yes. Let us not think certain thoughts.

A question to all readers:
What is worng with this article --- on Annie Besant and CWL, Krishnamurti

Allright, then. Teach !

Teach something from The Secret Doctrine. How much weigh should the
theosophical student give - teaching methods. methods of learning - and
allegories ?
Where do we learn about these issue within theosophy ?

M. Sufilight with peace and love...

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Subject: Theos-World time to review


I hope my sugestion won´t chock anyone´s point of view , for I know that I
have just arrived to this e-group, but isn´t there anything more
constructive, that may give us more illumination than this duels of whom´s
got the right concept of ULT or TS politics?
Blavatsky´s lagacy makes all controversial facts related to later mistakes
of theosophical leaders and presidents irrelevant.
There are so many interesting subjects inside HPB´s works and doctrine to

That´s my humble opinion.


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