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re Besant/HPB, contrasts

Sep 13, 2003 05:21 AM
by Mauri

I tend to find considerations, in general, about Annie Besant's role in organizational Theosophics interesting in that, as I tend to see it, she seems to have wanted to at least introduce (sort of regardless, in a sense?) some kind of (what might be called?) "Theosopical" (or "Liberal Cathollic"?) "new ideas," (apparently?) ... ie, as if such introductory exoterics could somehow help in broadening the wisdom of ... whatever she preferred to call the organization that she led with Leadbeater after HPB's passing.

So a question might be: was she tapping in to, and making good use of, what might be generally seen as "more-average" notions about such as the Esoteric Tradition (ie, as opposed to a leadership that might be seen to more clearly differentiate between "esoteric" and "exoteric"?) To my way of thinking, speculating, HPB in her organizational Theosophics was far more "esoteric" (in a sense!) than Becant.

BUT? When I compare the leaderships of Besant and HPB, an interesting contrast tends to come up (?): One can "now see" (as it were, in some cases?), (ie, "thanks to Besant's contrasting ways," in a sense, if in an interpretationsl sense?), something of the differences, contrasts, between HPB's leadership and Besant's leadership, (not that one couldn't necessarily see those contrasts before, exactly, but ... ?), and so one might consider (?) Besant's leadership influence/role from a broader perspective (?), and possibly even from a somewhat "Broader perspective," in some cases ... ? And of course we also have Alice Cleather to thank for offering more in the way of contrasting help, info? :-)

In other words, if one steps back far enough ... ? Except that of course exoterics will forever remain exoterics (eh?); but/"but" ... ?


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