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Wes on "Electronic Versions of the Original Secret Doctrine"

Sep 12, 2003 07:19 PM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

Dear Wes,

Another online edition of THE SECRET DOCTRINE is at the website
of the ULT in Phoenix, Arizona. It has been scanned from the
Theosophy Company's edition of the SD.


Readers should also know that they can access the online edition
of the SD published by TUP by typing into their browser's address
bar the following:

Or in this posting, just click on
and voila you are there.

For more editions, etc. on the SD, see:

Readers should also know that the CD-Rom of HPB's writings is 
available in the USA and North America from Quest Books. I have a 
webpage announcing the CD-Rom. See:

Readers may also be interested in the following webpage that provides 
easy and direct access to many of the classics of modern Theosophy. 

I hope the above helps.



--- In, "Wes Amerman" <amerman@s...> wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> Yesterday, Dallas wrote:
> <Those who wish to access an electronic version of the ORIGINAL 1888
> Edition will be able to do so through the following Web-sites:>
> However, he inadvertently posted some email addresses., which while 
valid will probably not be helpful. 
> The only online edition of the original "The Secret Doctrine" that 
I know of is on the Theosophical University Press (TUP) site, at
> Anyone wanting an original SD, along with just about everything 
else H.P.B. wrote, can order an excellent CD-ROM from the 
Theosophical Publishing House, Manila, The Philippines, at 
> If anyone knows of another online edition of HPB's original work, 
I'd like to hear about it. 
> Best Regards,
> Wes Amerman

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