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19 Avenue Road

Sep 10, 2003 00:40 AM
by Simon

Hello, Sometime ago I enquired about whether HPB's house at 19 Avenue 
Road in St Johns Wood, London, still exists. One contributor seemed 
to think it had been pulled down a long time ago. I thought I'd take 
a look and see anyway. To my surprise I found a big Victorian house 
numbered 19 in Avenue Road. All the houses at the beginning of the 
road have been pulled down and new buildings erected in their place. 
What I'd like to know is, is this the house where she died, or were 
any of the houses in that road re-numbered? The number 19 I saw has a 
metal security fence all round the outside so it is difficult to see 
much of the front of the house, apart from through a few small gaps. 
Presumably a VIP lives here.

The location would have been ideal for HPB in her later years because 
the road leads on to one of the entrances to Regents Park. 

Any further information would be appreciated.


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