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"Sociology of the Esoteric and Science News" & Brigitte Muehlegger??

Sep 08, 2003 01:13 PM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

On Jay Kinney's website <> he recommends:

Esoteric Skepticism - Overlook the unwieldy name of "Sociology of the 
Esoteric and Science News," this site has outstanding research by 
Eric Wynants on occult and alternative history sacred cows.

The link is to: 

Not many weeks ago, the "Sociology of the Esoteric and Science News"
website was edited by Eric Wynants.

Who is Eric Wynants?

According to

Eric Wynants is Raphael Vishnu.

Some readers on Theos-Talk may remember this name [Raphael Vishnu] 
from a few years ago.


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