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new in the group

Sep 08, 2003 03:13 AM
by mundo_xama

Hi To Everybody

My name is Eddy, 40, I am from Brazil, I´ve been interested in Theosophy for a long time, the fundamentals and researches on this field gave me a new horizon in understanding nature and life.
I try to see life under the points of view of theosophy, to apply in everyday´s life and enjoy xamanism related subjects as well.
I gess is not that easy because world seems not to give much room for reflexion and materialism and the lack of truly spiritual knoledge inside nowadays´ religions sometimes make me fell like a fish out water when talking about.
I ´ve been reading SD and also books of CW Leadbeater, A. P. Sinnet, Annie Beasant and Major Arthur Powell in order to refresh the learning.
I would like to know what subjects onTheosophy is usually discussed here.

Thanks for the attention


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