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Sep 07, 2003 01:41 AM
by W. Dallas TenBreock

Sept 7 2003


-- Some thoughts: a perspective.

"Theosophist is who Theosophy does." 

I was thinking about "The ULT Declaration." From the first it sets no
bonds. It makes us all volunteers. It recognizes that everyone is a
free chooser, always. 

We may therefore see that we are all united by the CAUSE of THEOSOPHY.
And, that is the only enduring primary CAUSELESS CAUSE. Theosophy as it
is before us is a doctrine that includes a statement concerning some of
the main and fundamental Laws in Nature, impersonal and universal.

Any attempt to set up a framework of criteria implies judgment. We, as
presently constituted lower minds (Kama Manas) cannot judge the karma
and the "path" of anyone but ourselves.

That Divine Light of the Universal Spirit - ATMA -- which surrounds us
and interpenetrates all beings, seems to lure, to draw us on, it is
perhaps indicated in the phrase: a high ideal--an exalted motive.

To me, the next step appears to be the developing of assurance in this
single concept: 

The Unity of ALL in all. We each share in all others.

It would then be clear that a "strong will, a total forgetting of self "
is the position to adopt. And, as a result we see that nothing has any
real power to oppress us. We have to recognize that opposition (and
oppression) comes from the operation of Karma, ours and that of the
cycle and race. Fear nothing that is in Nature and visible. Dread no
influence . you are at war with none. It is peace you are seeing,
therefore it is best that the good in everything is found.. This
brings peace." 
WQJ Articles, Vol. II 415-6

This leads to consider another proposition that Mr. Judge offers: 

"He who would live the life or find continued wisdom can only do so by
continued effort.[he] learns to look partially within the veil, or has
found in his own being something that is greater than his outer self."
WQJ Articles, Vol. II, p. 410

What then might we say would indicate to us, our path, and our progress?
Is it not the ability to be impersonal concerning ourselves? Can we not
"stand apart?" What, for us, is the way in which we train our personal
selves (Kama Manas) to fit the pattern that Karma has in store for us?
Can we not sense this in : 

"Each and every one is here for a good and wise reason. If we find
partially the why, then.we should by intelligent contact with life seek
in it the farther elucidation of the problem. It is not the study of
ourselves so much, as the thought for others that opens the door. The
events of life and their causes lead to knowledge. They must be studied
when they are manifested in daily life." 
WQJ II 411

The great economy of Nature is a sensitivity that encompasses all
beings, and ourselves. It is living Karma. As such, It will always seek
to illuminate our personal Path, so that an understanding of its
purposes and our won become ever clearer. The process is continuous. We
need to develop the acuity of attention to see it in its impersonal
operation in and through our surroundings and the events of our own
life, as it is in all other things and objects. It is a force more
ancient and comprehensive than any "form," or set of forms.

We find Mr.. Judge also saying: 

"We are tried in wondrous ways, and in the seemingly unimportant affairs
of life . he must take and perform that which presents itself. take up
his labor as if there were no tomorrow . life is the outcome of the
Ever-Living . [it makes] life brighter, more joyous, better [for
WQJ II 412-3

He adds: 

"The greatest of all truths lies frequently in plain sight, or veiled in
contraries . you own not one thing in this world . all you possess is
given to you only while you use it wisely . desire to do good with what
you have -- and do it. . Work in life and the Occult are similar; all
is the result of your own effort and will . you can only lift yourselves
by your own efforts. " WQJ II 414-5 

"Seek to realize the meaning of every event. Strive to find the Ever
Living and wait for more light."
WQJ II 415

For those who may hold a hope for exalted responsibilities, there is to
be remembered the simple fact that the atom in its place and the Sun in
its both perform necessary duties, and neither one nor the other is
"superior." One realizes, by this introspective consideration, that
'ambition' and self-regard form the basis for delay in true success. 

Mr. Judge then says: 

".as you live your life each day with an uplifted purpose and unselfish
desire, each and every event will bear for you a deep significance--an
occult do you fit yourself for higher work."
WQJ II 416

As one advances and grows in wisdom, the practice of brotherhood and
compassion are epitomized as: 

"Be temperate in all things . he who has passed onward to a certain
point, finds that the hearts of men lie spread before him as an open
book . the motives of men are clear.but not selfishly [may he use such
knowledge]." WQJ II 417

In dealing with others, he suggests: 

"Urge no man to see as yourself.It is wiser to let the matter rest
without argument. No man is absolutely convinced by that ." WQJ II

"There is to be abandoned hope for the gratification of our passions,
our curiosities, our ambitions or desire for gain. There is another
Hope--the true; and he is a wise man who comes to the knowledge of it.
[It is] Sister to Patience, [and] they together are the Godmothers of
Right Living, and Two of the Ten who assist the Teacher [within -- the

Finally: ".[no man] is wise enough to sit as a judge upon the spiritual
development of any living being." WQJ II 413; and: ".evil is the
good gone astray."	WQJ II 412

These simple statements is urge us to review, meditate on, and deeply
consider the practice of that self-effacing brotherhood which is always
harmless and true. 

It welcomes and permits all to practice their ideals; and is helpful in
showing us in advance so to say, the potential future of any of our
choices or decisions, then, offer them, so that another may make a
better choice. 

Hence, ever it encourages individual devotion and study, and the sharing
of such perceptions of the TRUE as one may acquire by impersonal,
good-willed perception. Those are always to be shared. 

To my way of seeing, This is what the ULT Declaration has placed before
us as our bond and our ideal -- we have to chose to understand it and to
practice brotherhood in all respects if we would be true "Theosophists."

Best wishes,

Sept 7 2003

ULT DECLARATION (included for reference)


The policy of this Lodge is independent devotion to the cause of
Theosophy, without professing attachment to any Theosophical
organization. It is loyal to the great Founders of the Theosophical
Movement, but does not concern itself with dissensions or differences of
individual opinion. 

The work it has on hand and the end it keeps in view are too absorbing
and too lofty to leave it the time or inclination to take part in side
issues. That work and that end is the dissemination of the Fundamental
Principles of the Philosophy of Theosophy, and the exemplification in
practice of those principles, through a truer realization of the SELF; a
profounder conviction of Universal Brotherhood. 

It holds that the unassailable basis for union among Theosophists,
wherever and however situated, is "similarity of aim, purpose and
teaching," and therefore has neither Constitution, By-Laws nor Officers,
the sole bond between its Associates being that basis. And it aims to
disseminate this idea among Theosophists in the furtherance of Unity. 

It regards as Theosophists all who are engaged in the true service of
Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, condition or
organization, and 

It welcomes to its Association all those who are in accord with its
declared purposes and who desire to fit themselves, by study and
otherwise, to be the better able to help and teach others. 

"The true Theosophist belongs to no cult or sect, yet belongs to each
and all." 


The following is the form signed by Associates of the United Lodge of

Being in sympathy with the purposes of this Lodge, as set forth in its
"Declaration," I hereby record my desire to be enrolled as an Associate,
it being understood that such association calls for no obligation on my
part, other than that which I, myself, determine. 

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