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RE: [Blavatsky_Study] Re: Theos-World Besant and Judge and HPB

Sep 06, 2003 05:03 PM
by W. Dallas TenBreock

Sept 6 2003

Dear Katinka 

you have understood me.

No one is an "authority." I certainly am not.

What I continually point to is -- FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF.

Such is the case in all matters dealing with the past -- if at all

We can only "point the way." The means to reach the goal vary with the
intent, devotion, motive of the seeker. Then The VOICE OF THE SILENCE
makes this clear.

FIND THE DOCUMENTS. Make up your own mind.

Each student has to do his own research and verification. At best we can
offer information about where we found information that seemed
satisfactory to us. We cannot force any one to accept it. We are all
free. In that freedom alone there is UNITY -- no coercion.

Best wishes,



-----Original Message-----
From: Katinka Hesselink 
Sent: Saturday, September 06, 2003 4:51 AM


By your reasoning we can't even take your word for it, because, your 
words aren't the source material themselves. We might as well stop 
talking/writing then. Anyhow, I sent a quote from a source. A longer 
reply can be found at:

---, "W. Dallas TenBreock" 
<dalval14@e...> wrote:
> Sept 1 2002
> Re W Q JUDGE, accusations by Mrs. Besant, etc...
> Dear Katinka:
> Let me say this I have researched theosophical historical documents 
> books, pamphlets, etc -- such as may be found in the several 
> of the various societies, etc., for over 50 years. I have made an
> almost complete set of copies thereof. Several students have
> independently produced a list of all the known papers and statements
> relating thereto, have checked and re-checked them for accuracy, and
> have arranged them chronologically. They do not need to deal in
> opinions, but can trace every move recorded, and word printed.
> Since we deal now a days with the versions of Theosophical history 
> recorded by various persons, almost 100, or more years after the 
> we cannot go into that with any prejudgments.
> You will note that the conflict arose because Mrs. Besant said that
> while the Master's "messages" [sent to specific individuals and 
included in letters written by Mr. Judge] WERE TRUE -- but.... But,
> that the METHOD of WRITING or PRESENTATION was true. In effect, it 
> averred that Mr. Judge had "forged" those messages. He denied this 
> offered to prove that, but his offer was never accepted. History 
> not say why.
> This sounds very strange.

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