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Re: The Besant conspiracy

Sep 04, 2003 12:40 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Why Annie's friends did not defend her?
Because they stand true to the Original Program of the TS and opposed
her black magic which she began in 1893 with the help of the Brahmans
(Jesuits of the East) and the Jewish Freemanons of Paris (Jesuits of the
Annie's old friends voted by feet and left the new Jesuitic body under her
Among them William Kingsland, G. R. S. Mead, Bhagavan Das, Rudolf Steiner.

So if there still remains soemthing now in defense of Annie - why does that
fanatic sect not open the archives? What do they fear?
Obviously, they have enough reason to hide the truth and that is the reason
the present black magic successor of Annie's black magic Pope seat has
more to offer to her likewise blind and fanatic membership than:
"think positive!"
(And "positive" in that devilish Jewish-Masonic jargon means: Cant, or
destroy the TRUTH).
That is why that pseudo & anti-theosophical crowd is so happy: They are,
like Annie, in perfect harmony - with their own animal soul (not with the

I do the wrong, and first begin to brawl -
the secret mischiefs that I set abroach
I lay into the grievous charge of others.
And thus I cloth my naked villainy
with old odd ends stol'n out of holy writ;
and seem a saint when most I play the devil.
(King Richard III, Shakespeare)


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Hi all,

Though the material offered here is of value in studying theosophical
history, it is far from impartial. It defends W.Q. Judge at the
expense of Annie Besant consistently. Unfortunately not many of Annie
Besant's friends have taken it upond themselves to defend her, but
that does not mean that Judge was guiltless. Nor does it mean that
the TS is supposed to be the Blavatsky and Judge admiration society
that one might think it ought to be after reading the below (if one
can get through it - personally I could not get through the book
based on this, but I read enough to feel I should say this.) A good
biography of Besant has yet to be written, I think (if somebody knows
one, I would be very grateful). This should include the Judge affair,
the Krishnamurti controversy, the Wadia-story etc. Perhaps a book on
that part of theosophical history, from a more impartial perspective
than 'The Theosophical Movement' should be written.


--- In, Compiler <compiler@w...> wrote:
> I hope that many readers, especially
> newcomers to theosophy, will find these
> three series of articles from THEOSOPHY
> magazine to be very informative and useful:
> (1) The Theosophical Movement (34-part series: 1920-22)
> (2) The Rising Cycle (13-part series: 1926-27)
> (3) Aftermath (10-part series: 1935)
> They are found in this link that goes to the
> 14th of 18 sections found on the "Additional"
> articles index page of my web site:
> Dear newcomers to Theosophy:
> I sincerely do hope that my web site offers
> a well-rounded overall view of Theosophy and
> the Theosophical Movement.

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