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Re: Bowen notes in theosophical history

Jun 17, 2003 08:12 AM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

Thanks, Katinka for your comments below.

I wonder if Barry Thompson knows that in late 1890-early 1891 HPB was 
conducting classes on the SD? When I have a chance I will give the 


--- In, Katinka Hesselink <mail@k...> 
> Hi all,
> The theosophical history conference has just ended. It was
> a very interesting meeting with a lot of new information
> and interesting people as well. 
> The most important (in fact staggering) contribution, IMO,
> came from the librarian in the English Section, Barry
> Thompson. He reported that the Bowen Notes, that have been
> adopted by all major theosophical groups (including the
> ULT) - cannot be traced back to Blavatsky. Bowen himself
> can't be found in the archives before 1930 and his original
> notes have either disappeared or never existed. Bowen is
> supposed (according to the notes) to have studied with HPB,
> yet he wasn't a member of Blavatsky-lodge, nor of the Inner
> Group. Well, this is the sources as I remember them from
> the talk, the article will be published on my website in
> due time. 
> In the meantime I think it is warrented that we all think
> long and hard on the meaning of this. To what extent have
> the Bowen notes influenced our interpretation of Blavatsky?
> I would say, in my own case, a lot. I sent an e-mail to one
> of the e-mailgroups recently arguing similarities between
> blavatsky and krishnamurti, based on these notes, among
> other things. The main issue is though, I think, the place,
> importance and interpretation of jnana yoga. According to
> Barry Thompson this can't be found elsewhere in the
> writings of Blavatsky. I know I have some long, hard
> rethinking and studying to do, and I hope others will join
> in this effort. 
> Katinka
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> Katinka Hesselink
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> -Those who observe, learn, a whole life long.
> -Wie observeert, leert , een heel leven lang.
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