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Okay, what IF, I say IF Bailey, Blavatsky et al

Mar 10, 2003 07:37 AM
by netemara888

were anti-semitic? Just for a moment let's imagine the worse. They 
are totally anti-semitic. What are we now supposed to do about it I 
ask you? Burn the books? Put them and their followers into 
concentration camps? What is the rationale and the purpose behind 
this rhetoric. Okay I'll concede for a second Blavatsky was anti-
semitic, so NOW what? Does this now make everything she every wrote 
irrelevant, irresponsible? Then I say don't read her--burn her and 
her books in effigy. Is it because they have power or followings and 
the way they feel and write may infect the whole world? Is that the 

If there is to be any more loss of races, then how can we put a stop 
to the extinction of many races in Africa for example? If this is 
their destiny, for some to die through disease and the neglect of the 
rest of humanity then does that make the rest of the world anti-
black, anti-Negro, anti-African? I don't see the world, especially 
America breaking down any African doors to help rid them of AIDS, 
poor leadership and poverty. Is it that we are all racists? Maybe.

The small country of Israel is 6 or so million people but continental 
Africa is probably 6 billion people and I don't see anyone raising 
their voices saying that these people are about to be wiped out 
through racism and poverty. Will the real racists please stand up?


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