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Re: Theos-World figures in history compared

Feb 27, 2003 07:56 AM
by Bill Meredith

<Der ewige Jude ("The Eternal Jew") is the most famous Nazi propaganda film.
It was produced at the insistence of Joseph Goebbels, under such active
supervision that it is effectively his work. It depicts the Jews of Poland
as corrupt, filthy, lazy, ugly, and perverse: they are an alien people which
have taken over the world through their control of banking and commerce, yet
which still live like animals.
Though unquestionably vicious, many would say that, by today's standards, it
is also crude and transparent. The narrator explains the Jews' ratlike
behavior, while showing footage of rats squirming from sewers and leaping at
the camera. The film's most shocking scene is the slaughter of a cow, shown
in bloody detail, by a grinning Rabbi - and it is followed by, of all
things, three innocent (presumably German) lambs nuzzling each other.

It was created to legitimize the exclusion, and ultimately the destruction,
of an entire people. It is to this day considered such dangerous propaganda
that it is banned in Germany except under tightly controlled circumstances.
Legally distributed in the United States, it is marketed by neo-Nazi groups
as "the best documentary ever made on Jews.">

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> > addition, the United States has freedom of religion, including
> practices
> > such as animal sacrifice.
> Frank is right about that one. The movie THE ETERNAL JEW documented
> the Jewish pratice of slaughtering animals so as to cause the maximum
> distress to the sacificial victim. Government leaders were so
> horrified that a law was passed insisting that animals who were
> slaughtered must first be rendered unconscious, and the law is still
> in force today. Now that Germany's Jews have all been killed or
> eiled, this is mostly a problem for orthodox Muslims. In the US,
> where religious freedom is carried a mite too far in this instance,
> animals may be slaughtered with maxumum cruelty according to Jewish
> or Muslim tradition. This is a custom that needs to be revisited in
> terms of modern ideas of right and wrong, just as human sacrifice,
> polygamy, and other ancient religious customs have been reconsidered.
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