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Re: Theos-World figures in history compared

Feb 25, 2003 06:36 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

Mic Forster wrote:
I have heard many an argument for war against Saddam
where the premise of the argument is that Saddam and
Hitler are essentially equivalent.
Ah, Godwin's Law rears its ugly head. But it makes a GREAT straw man argument.

Instead I
outline below seven points on which, I believe, Hitler
and Bush are comparable.
Going from the reasonable to the insane (defined here as an inability to be able to distinguish between reality and imagination).

Here are a few additional comparisons you can make between Hitler and Bush:

1) Hitler was male. So is Bush.
2) Hitler was the head of the executive branch of his country. So is Bush.
3) Hitler's mother and father had sex with each other to conceive him. So did Bush's mother and father.
4) "Adolf Hitler" has 10 letters. "George Bush" has 10 letters.
5) Hitler got into legal trouble in a drinking hall. Bush got into legal trouble for drinking.
6) Hitler had hair. So does Bush.
7) Hitler had two arms. So does Bush.
8) Hitler had 5 fingers on each hand. So does Bush.
9) Hitler was known to eat food regularly. So is Bush.
10) Hitler was not killed before he ascended to power. Neither was Bush.

Incontrovertible evidence!!!!!

Bart Lidofsky

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