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re Bill and God and ... whatever ...

Feb 24, 2003 07:36 PM
by Mauri

Bill wrote: <<Maybe I am trying tell you that God can be 
like a great ship? Or an even greater ocean? Whatever I 
am trying to say falls far short of that shared glimpse of 
God. I can only ask with sincere interest, "What
does God mean to you, Mauri?"Bill>>

I knew it! I had a feeling you were going to a ask me 
that. But, as it is, I asked you first! Hee hee. Anyway, 
ships are ships, and oceans are oceans, and if you think 
one ought to try and read between the lines of ships and 
oceans, well ... ^:-) ... Surely you can be a little more 
specific than that, Bill, if you want to be ... 


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