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God and Mauri

Feb 24, 2003 05:41 PM
by Bill Meredith

Hi Mauri.

A few years ago, our family went on a quest for the perfect vacation.
Before our cruise ship pulled away from its moorings, my sons and I, anxious
with anticipation, climbed to the very highest vantage point available.
There, in an inexplicable moment of majesty when that great ship of the sea
moved beneath us -- breaking us free from land and turning us resolutely
towards deep water, my sons and I stood together in quiet contemplation.

Maybe I am trying tell you that God can be like a great ship? Or an even
greater ocean? Whatever I am trying to say falls far short of that shared
glimpse of God. I can only ask with sincere interest, "What does God mean
to you, Mauri?"


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Subject: Theos-World re God and Bill

> Bill, as per Daniels post of Feb 18, you wrote:
> <<". . . At that location where we fall silent before the
> ineffable we may get an intuitive glimpse of God. Such a
> glimmer may change our consciousness of being such
> that we sense that God is the source of our freedom to ask
> such questions.">>
> Just wondering if you might care to more specifically define
> the "God" that you were referring to there ...
> Speculatively,
> Mauri
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