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Feb 19, 2003 09:49 AM
by oraganon

So We Will Once again be by powers face a reach in this direction in matter
matters to decide again ours yours fate siting by their burning bush
sleeping and forever awake forever sleeping these masks portray many faces
many masks when taken away a sent a ess sent of purity of existence the
waters as it were of motion without movement ess ent essence existent in
motion without motion in this placid arrangement are the building blocks of
travel again with the sharpness of binding materials uni are the same on
different terms the reaches of our discoveries have the same potential
bounds are a limiting conception conception is a limitless plain of our
perfection perfection is our existence and our conception flawed and forever
perfect underneath the conception perfection the days of untold grace grazen
the grasslands in search of the watering hole of our balance strings us
along all along confronting the self as a limitless perfection push from the
fountain to find the way back in life or death of our conception perfection
is distant close at hand right or left sitting at the crossroads of this
conception perfection what difference or way to go nowhere everywhere
somewhere different riding the place of our your conception perfection no
choice no place only attraction reaction and untold response facing the
distance with open hands force the wayward bend distraction back back beyond
reasoning one tenth that of a line so small our wayward dimension operates
threaded devices batten between reaction and impulsion so much going out
side the binary difference of ones and zeros concepting the optic dialog in
a frontier of glass and water battened combatant surfaced in matter in
substance as energy existence be before the ing gry think keep think before
the ing


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