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Feb 17, 2003 05:38 AM
by Mauri

Leon wrote: <<John,

Thanks for the reference. I didn't check the source 
when I forwarded the piece. I'm not Marxist, so I'm not 
much in favor of the kind of militant communism 
promoted by the WWP. But, I believe in employee 
owned corporations, and cross the board profit sharing 
within a capital based free market system where 
financers can also own shares with values 
commendurate with their investments. When I was a 
corporate entrepreneur many years ago, all my 
corporations were employee owned and investior 
shared. I think this multiple management system is 
more in line with theosophical principles, and if 
universally applied, under a truly representative 
democratic governmental structure could result in a 
better balance of wealth, as well as freedom among all 
the people -- without its top heavy concentration
among the favored few, as is currently the case -- or 
require a corruption and dictator prone central planning 
system that makes socialist governments so
oppressive. But, this isn't the place to talk about such 
things. :-) Best Regards, LHM>>>

Sounds like a sampling of Theosophy in practice. If enough people
thought that way, who knows ...


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