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Re: My friends @ Theos-World Wore is no issu

Feb 14, 2003 09:07 PM
by Theo Paijmans


You have my sincere sympathy for the first part of your message - remembrances
like these always make me recall that we all are but small vessels sailing on an
infinite ocean and there is much to learn -

The second part, in which you begin with expressing your patriotic feelings for
your country - and there is nothing wrong with that - strikes me as a dissonant
chord in an otherwise perfect symphony.

You see, no doubt that there are Americans who think that they will win whatever
they think is there to be won. It is just the problem that many of these have
forgotten what it is they really should fight for, instead of against.

I could hold long conversations with you about how your government - and that of
mine - sometimes or most of the times, outright lies to us. What it is they don't
tell you. As long as you be brave and be vigilant. Against what? How different
the world is nowadays, seemingly ruled by fear of an invisible enemy. Has it
always been like this? And if so, why are our goverments so incapable of ruling
without spreading the fear?

Adding to that that there are about 5 billion or more non-American people left on
this planet - among whom whole nations nowadays are gearing up in the same mood
and some of these not always looking too favourable towards America - and we are
bound for some great big trouble heading our collective ways. There is but one
planet we have to share.


Theo wrote:

> Theo,
> Actually I am an American who previously in my life served 27.5 monthst
> in the
> 7th U.S. Army stationed in Germany. I was there when the Budapest Revolt
> occurred.
> I recall the last radio message of the Hungarian Freedom Fighters, a shame
> I will
> never forget. Nor will I forget the 40,000 slaughtered by the Russians in
> Budapest. I
> personally escorted a Hungarian Colonel of the Regular Hungarian Army to
> safety in
> England who had fled with only the Uniform he wore and who was in abject
> terror.
> As to my responce, War is terrible, but a reality which seems to never
> cease, and
> as such America will be the Victor ultimately. Since 911 there are 284
> miilion
> here in America who will never rest a moment until that day. We are
> vigilant and
> leave not a single stone unturned in virtually any chat post in the world.
> Lol.
> John
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