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Re: Theos-World Re: hi eldon - on wry

Feb 10, 2003 01:18 PM
by wry

Hi. The reason I didn't reply to this message is that I never saw it and
others from one section of that day such as Morton's which I have just this
minute discovered and not read. Maybe there are others. I found this message
by chance when I was replying to you on K-and-C and configured my email to
group all your messages together.

I was very shocked to see that you feel this way. I have left a message on
"K-and-C" in which I have answered the message you wrote to me there,
Katinka, and in this I have mentioned this list several times, so maybe some
of you, especially Eldon, might like to read it, as it gives a better idea
of where I am coming from. I will just go on leaving messages on this list
until I get kicked off, which I hope doesn't happen, as at this point I have
come to consider myself a theosophist, and, as we all know and well realize,
some theosophists will not fade into the woodwork that easily. Do consider
that as a theosophist, I have the greater good of theosophy at heart, and am
NOT AN ENEMY OF THEOSOPHY unlike some others, such a Brian, who may have
appeared on this list recently with a hidden agenda to harm this

I also have just found the message in which you have said you will not
respond to me any longer and I am going to need to review the message I
wrote to you previously which must have led you to say this. Also, everyone
should bear in mind, that it is communicating with me, if I am not mistaken,
which has brought you back into participating on this list after a long
absence, and bear in mind that people on this list have received many
carefully and lovingly constructed messages from me containing MUCH specific
material (whether some individual members realize it or not) in the last
seven or so months, given in a time-appropriate sequence in relationship to
surrounding material. Actually, maybe you have read it too, but I doubt it.
In any case, it is not the same unless a person is actively participating.

It is VERY important to understand that the reason Madame Blavatsky may have
presented her material in the way that she did is that, as I have mentioned
before, her prime aim and mission was to bring certain Eastern teachings to
the West in a form in which they could be assimilated. It is also possible
that her understanding of certain matters was not complete, though very
advanced. And it could be either one or the other or a little bit of each.
The essential point is that even if her understanding was complete, it is
almost certain that if her aim was to present the concept of dependent
origination to the West (and to certain people in the East), she would not
have gone about this directly, as these people could not receive that
teaching in this form, but it had to be tailored in such a way as they could
receive it.

If you want someone who is friendly, and also willing and able to be in your
court and help you sort this out, so that a nucleus of some kind can fan out
and connect to broader humanity in such a way that a greater brotherhood is
formed, I may be a person who is ready, willing and able to help you do
this. Remember, meaning is subjective. Conscious love is objective. When I
am hungry and someone feeds me out of compassion, I do not care what he
calls himself. It is outside of that context and this is the meaning of true
brotherhood that needs to be explored .There is much more to say on this
subject and it is worth enquiring into. I do not have much time right now,
but will try to be back soon and answer some other messages.Sincerely, Wry
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> Sorry all,
> I meant this to go to the owner of this group, not to the whole group.
> Katinka
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> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I think wry has been allowed to go on long enough. She's
> > shown her hand and it contains nothing but unjust
> > accusations. I don't know what your policy is about these
> > things, at the moment, but I would vote to have her warned,
> > or unsubscribed or something.
> >
> > Katinka
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